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Ondersteuning voor PHP 5

Publish advanced applications written in PHP 5
PHP is a scripting language which is fairly easy to understand and learn. Integrating seamlessly with database management systems such as MySQL, it enables software developers to create advanced internet applications, being both flexible and secure.

PHP is open-source software and supported by a fast-growing community; this ensures both the novice as the experienced PHP developer to easily find information and resources when implementing new software.

If you are not interested in desiging your own applications, please note the availability of PHP on your hosting account also greatly increases the number of options you have to add new functions to your website. There are many applications - such as forums, webshops or content management systems - you can find on the internet which you can easily install on your account with us, and offer your website's visitors a better experience.

If you need assistance in installing a PHP application, or if you are interested in outsourcing a custom development project, please do not hesitate us; we have a team of expert PHP programmers available for all your projects.

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